Bridget Burns for East Van

I’m Bridget Burns, your Green Party candidate for East Vancouver.

I’m running to represent East Vancouver as our Member of Parliament because I care about my home, my neighbourhood, my city. I want to see it thrive as a creative, connected and ultra-livable community for generations to come.

The political status quo is not working for most Canadians, especially in my community of East Van. The traditional parties and legacy politicians are embroiled in scandal after scandal, and we’re facing major crises everywhere we turn. Housing, climate, opioids, affordability, inequality. Many of these crises aren’t new, they’ve been around for years or decades!

But there's so much we can do to make things better. I'm full of hope for the future, and I hope you are too.

In the upcoming federal election we have an opportunity to make change for the better—to vote for our values and principles. To tackle the critical challenges our community and our country face, head on.

The Green Party is the right choice. From our 20-point Green Climate Action Plan to our 2019 Election Platform, we have clearly outlined where we stand on the critical economic, environmental and social issues facing Canadians. We need fresh ideas, grounded in practical, affordable and evidence-based solutions. We need ethical and authentic leadership that is proactive, progressive and pro-people.

It’s the only way we’ll achieve profound change.

Vote for me this year and let’s make it happen together.

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