Policy Priorities

Bridget Burns is running for MP of East Vancouver to create profound change through proactive, progressive, pro-environment and pro-people policies.

Bridget's top priority is hearing from people in the community: What's your vision for East Vancouver? What does your ideal community look like? Over the next several months, she'll be spending a lot of time talking to local residents, business owners, and experts in housing, transportation, infrastructure and homelessness. She wants to hear about your priorities for making Vancouver East a livable, sustainable and accessible place to live—now and in the future.

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Here are some of the key issues she's already focussed on.

Action on the climate and environment

The climate is in crisis, and it’s not just an environmental issue. If left unchecked, climate change could seriously harm the economy and financial system—in Canada and abroad. Bridget will fight for environmental policies that accelerate the use of renewable energy sources, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and invest in green jobs and technology.

More affordable housing

Anyone who lives in Vancouver knows that housing is not affordable, and homelessness is all too common. Young people are told they just need to work a bit harder and drink less coffee and things will work out. But that’s just not true. Wages have stagnated and the cost of homes has skyrocketed. Bridget believes that safe and affordable housing is a right. She’ll help implement a National Housing Strategy to improve access to affordable housing for East Van and all of Canada.

Confront drug addiction and the opioid epidemic

The opioid epidemic has hit our community hard, and chronic drug addiction has long been an issue in East Vancouver. The Green Party has always said that drug addiction should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal one. Bridget will get to work immediately to tackle this issue, including actions like increased funding for prevention measures, safe injection sites, treatment facilities and addict rehabilitation programs.

Reduce waste

Canada produces among the most garbage per person of any country in the world. That’s definitely not a category we want to be a leader in. Bridget and the Green Party believe strongly in pursuing a zero-waste future. It would involve a wholesale change in our thinking, but it’s essential. And we need to start now. We need to provide incentives for businesses and individuals to reduce waste throughout the supply chain. We need to look to countries, such as Germany, that require manufacturers to accept lifetime stewardship of all products, including packaging. Zero waste is a big challenge, but we have a big vision, and a firm belief that it’s possible.

Improve food safety and nutrition

Our health relies on environmentally sustainable production of safe and wholesome food. Unfortunately, global multinational businesses and other large-scale operations control our food supply. Bridget supports family farmers as efficient producers of nutritious food and stewards of our environment. Our agricultural policies must be designed to keep family farms economically viable. She also will be a leader in supporting education of Canadian consumers about the value of wholesome, locally grown food.

End child poverty

Of all of Canada’s social issues, child poverty might be the most shameful. In 1989, the political parties voted unanimously to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. Despite recent improvements, far too many Canadian children still grow up in poverty—it’s a real and present issue in East Vancouver. Child poverty rates are unacceptably high among new Canadians, Aboriginals, and single parent households headed by women.