Greens at all levels of government are betting big on Vancouver East as the next Green seat in Ottawa

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September 11, 2019 

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vancouver East federal Green candidate Bridget Burns is heading into the election with the support of federal, provincial and municipal Greens and optimism that Vancouver East will elect the next Green Party candidate in parliament. Burns has received a groundswell of support from elected Greens at every level of government in recent weeks.

In August Elizabeth May, leader of the federal Green Party showed her support for Bridget Burns at a private fundraiser. And Andrew Weaver, leader of the provincial Greens, hosted a Green social and made his support of Burns official.

“Bridget Burns is the kind of grassroots leader that exemplifies what the Green Party stands for. As a long-time resident who is passionate about supporting the community, she is the ideal representative for Vancouver East,” says May.

Wes Regan, the Green Party of Canada’s Federal Council Rep for BC and Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry are also big supporters of Bridget Burns and frequently attend East Van Green events.

“I’m very impressed with Bridget’s intelligence, her integrity, and her commitment,” says Fry. “I have a lot of respect for how much she does for her community, animals, and small business through her work in the vegan community.”

Why the interest in East Vancouver and Bridget Burns?

“Bridget is part of a new generation of leadership within the Green Party of Canada, one that has recommitted to the core values of the party, including social justice, diversity, and sustainability but brings an urgency and energy that's matched by a level of determination and professionalism that any organization, political or otherwise, would be excited to have,” says Regan. Regan served as the Green candidate for Vancouver East in the 2015 federal election.  

“This is a riding we can win,” says campaign manager Alex Brunke “We hear it all the time; East Van is ready for change. And Bridget Burns and the Green Party of Canada can deliver that change.”

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