Green Party candidate Bridget Burns announces campaign for MP for Vancouver East

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Well-known community organizer and activist Bridget Burns has launched her campaign as the Green Party candidate to represent Vancouver East in the upcoming federal election.

“I’m running to represent East Vancouver as our Member of Parliament because I want to see my neighbourhood thrive as a creative and livable community for generations to come,” said Burns.

“Too many people from my neighbourhood and my generation have told me they don’t feel like the current political system works for, represents, or even understands them — I want to change that. My goal with this campaign is to engage, inspire, and empower everyone in East Van to get involved, especially those who don’t feel like they have a voice in our current system.

“In this year’s election we have an opportunity to make change for the better, to vote for our values, and take control of our future,” Burns said. “From Mission: Possible, our climate action plan, to Vision Green, our comprehensive policy platform, the Green Party is the only party committed to tackling the critical challenges our community and our country face, head on.”

Green City Councillors Pete Fry and Michael Wiebe, who both live in the riding, spoke in support of Burns at the candidate selection meeting where she won the nomination over four competing nominees.

“I’m very impressed with Bridget’s intelligence, her integrity, and her commitment” said Fry. “I have a lot respect for how much she does for her community, animals, and small business through her work in the vegan community.”

“I’m thrilled to see such a committed, activated, and principled woman from my generation running federally in our riding,” said Wiebe, adding, “it’s going to be a very exciting election.”

Raised in East Vancouver by her single, working mother, Bridget Burns has seen and experienced many of the challenges people in the community face, including finding affordable housing, paying student loans, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and more.

 A longtime vegan and animal welfare advocate, Bridget co-hosts the popular, recurring Vegan Night Market, which brings together small local businesses and members of the community, collects food, clothing and other contributions for the WISH Drop-in Centre Society, and donations at the door for various nonprofits. She has also volunteered at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter, and for the Union Gospel Mission and Boys and Girls Club.


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