About Bridget Burns

Bridget Burns grew up in East Vancouver. She went to school here, took part in after-school programs here. She was raised here by her single working mom. She started a business here and works here as a server and bartender. She lives here and loves it here.

She understands the distinct, diverse and dynamic character of East Vancouver because she’s been part of the fabric of the neighbourhood her whole life. She has faced (and currently faces) the same challenges in the community that we all do: finding affordable housing, paying student loans, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and more.

She’s been contributing to East Van as a community activist and organizer for years. She has volunteered at a Downtown Eastside women’s shelter, and for the Union Gospel Mission and Boys and Girls Club. She co-hosts the Vegan Night Market, a recurring East Van event that brings together small local businesses and members of the community, and collects food, clothing and other contributions for the WISH Drop-in Centre Society.

Bridget’s values guide her actions. A longtime vegan and animal welfare advocate, she sees great potential in the values of the Green Party to improve the health and happiness of those who call East Vancouver home. She believes that the Green Party can be an outlet for those who are active and engaged in their communities but haven’t found a party that respects and reflects their interests.

Bridget is running to represent East Vancouver as our Member of Parliament because she cares about her home and wants to see it thrive as a creative, connected and ultra-livable community for generations to come.